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In functional programming, fold refers to a family of higher-order functions that analyze a recursive structure through use of a given combining operation, recombine the results of recursively processing its constituent parts, building up a return value. Map represents an associative abstract data type composed of a collection of key, value pairs. This is exactly what is happening with the cultural scene at the very moment. We systematically and methodically change concepts, mix online and offline life and try to offer an optimal solution for events and cultural enjoyment for all participants. We present interactive art, music & design – for visitors and online guests with artists* on site and around the world. This project received state funding.


# Map&Fold Festival! 20.05.2023 20:00

Join us on May 20th, 2023 at 20:00 as the Map&Fold Festival returns for another exciting edition. Just like in previous years, the evening will kick off with a range of diverse performances before transitioning into our club party. From flute concerts to experimental audio and video works, and even live techno, we will offer a unique range of artistic expressions throughout the night. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in a variety of captivating performances and let the Map&Fold Festival take you on a journey of artistic exploration. Get your Ticket! If there are any tickets left, they will be sold at the door.

# Artists

An On Bast


Michael Fiedler

Jonny König

Jaap Blonk

Yu-Ching Chao

Aftershow-Tanztee-Rave with: Julius Elias & timodufner

## An On Bast

Fascinated by the endless possibilities of sound, Polish live performer and producer An On Bast continues her musical quest from 2006 – an abiding evolution of genre melding development, never ceasing to amaze her audience as she manoeuvres between shades of techno, house, ambient and beyond. An artist of the truest form, always aiming to paint a colourful image with her output, structured around a key theme of joy and positive energy every time she plays or creates. 

Anna’s fascination with music and deep desire to push herself to new heights has seen her work land on accomplished labels such as Carl Cox’s Awesome Soundwave – after a long lasting love affair with the label, 2021 saw her release her “I Create As I Speak” album which was welcomed with open arms around the globe. She has also landed her established sound on other prolific labels such as Modularfield, Detroit Underground, Pets Recordings, Kiosk ID and more. Alongside this Anna’s own Ghost Kitchen label has become a safe haven for her own productions, a liberating space giving her total freedom of what she can release, no strains involved meaning everything you hear is pure from the core. Anna released 9 albums and many Eps. 

The relationship with her instruments is an emotional connection, but also a practical relationship, an extension of her mind and hands with a thousand and one possibilities at her fingertips.This enthusiasm is a flame within her, something that has been ignited from a young age and will always be maintained. 

## Metajon

Metajon / Jonas Schröter is a musician and experimental audio/visual artist.

The interest in sonic possibilities started early in his live. Since then he tried to expand acoustic and musical boundaries to what is possible. On the visual side he discovered TouchDesigner as his tool to express and expand the emotional structure. The relationship between the technical evolution and development of humanity is the theme of his work.

## Michael Fiedler

Michael Fiedler is a musician and producer based in Stuttgart, whose primary focus is on creating experimental electronic music and exploring new sonic possibilities. He is passionate about using both digital and analog instruments, as well as various effects pedals, to craft innovative and unique sounds.

He usese field recordings – recordings of ambient sounds from various environments – which he incorporates into his compositions to add an extra layer of depth and complexity to his music, resulting in a rich and immersive listening experience.

Through his work, Fiedler invites listeners to explore the limits of sound and to embrace the unknown. His experimental approach to music-making is a testament to his creativity and his willingness to take risks and push boundaries.

## Jonny König

Jonny König merges drums and effect-pedals into an immersive orchestra of sound. a bulb of rhythm illuminating fragile spaces – or throwing booming shadows. The ‚Drums&Percussion‚-magazine hails his work as one „sound-experience“ – „award-worthy“ and „fascinating“ in 2021. 

Jonny is a drummer/composer based in Mannheim, who feels equally comfortable in both the pop music and experimental music. In 2020, during the first lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic, König’s experimentation in his own studio resulted in the creation of the foundation for his first instrumental solo album, ‚DEEP SPACE TRANSPORT‘. This album combines intricate rhythms, abstract drum sounds, and cinematic depth. The drum kit is expanded with an array of sounds, including various percussion instruments such as small Gamelan gongs, tongue drums, and repurposed kitchen utensils, as well as radical microphone techniques and sound manipulation through effects processors.

## Jaap Blonk

Jaap Blonk (born in 1953 in Woerden, Holland) is a composer, poet, musician, and performer.

He initially studied mathematics and musicology but later abandoned these studies. In the late 1970s, he started playing saxophone and composing. A few years later, he discovered his vocal potential, first reciting poems, then improvising and performing his own vocal compositions.

For almost 20 years, voice remained his primary means of discovering and researching new sounds. Around the year 2000, Blonk also began incorporating electronics into his work and, from 2006, he again had recourse to mathematics to generate sounds, texts, and visual works. Jaap Blonk has performed on all the continents of the world. Alongside his solo performances, he has worked with an extremely wide range of musicians and ensembles from the fields of contemporary and improvised music.

To date, his music has appeared on 27 CDs on his own Kontrans label. Other recordings have been released on labels including VICTO (Canada), Monotype Records (Poland), Relative Pitch Records and Balance Point Acoustics (both USA). Books containing his visual works have been published by publishing houses in Germany, the USA, and Canada.

## Yu-Ching Chao

After her studies in Hamburg, Leuven (Belgium), and Amsterdam, Taiwanese recorder player Yu-Ching Chao continued her education at the Staatliche Musikhochschule Trossingen, where she successfully completed her Konzertexamen in 2019.

As an internationally active soloist, chamber musician, and teacher, she is currently based in Hamburg and regularly gives concerts, workshops, and lectures in various countries in Europe and Asia. 

## Julius Elias & timodufner

Julius Elias is a DJ, producer and acoustics enthusiast. His musical style ranges from deep to hard techno including track findings from nights digging for the most driving tunes, own productions and classics from pioneers of electronic music. Always energetic, never cheesy.

Timo Dufner takes the audience on a techno-rave-acid-electro journey. Minimalist and pathetic. Break beat meets four on the floor. Whether as a DJ or as a hybrid live set, he will take you with him into a tunnel somewhere between the nineties and the year 2049.


20.5.2023 – 20:00 Doors – Map&Fold Festival 2023

Schlachthaus, Schlachthausstr. 9 Tübingen – Ticket here!

Fotos by Ken Werner.

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