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In functional programming, fold refers to a family of higher-order functions that analyze a recursive structure through use of a given combining operation, recombine the results of recursively processing its constituent parts, building up a return value. Map represents an associative abstract data type composed of a collection of key, value pairs. This is exactly what is happening with the cultural scene at the very moment. We systematically and methodically change concepts, mix online and offline life and try to offer an optimal solution for events and cultural enjoyment for all participants. We present interactive art, music & design – for visitors and online guests with artists* on site and around the world. This project receives state funding.

There are limited tickets for the Schlachthaus and unlimited online access.

// DE
In der funktionalen Programmierung bezieht sich Faltung auf eine Familie von Funktionen höherer Ordnung, die eine rekursive Struktur durch Verwendung einer gegebenen Kombinationsoperation analysieren, die Ergebnisse der rekursiven Verarbeitung ihrer Bestandteile rekombinieren und einen Rückgabewert aufbauen. Map stellt einen assoziativ-abstrakten Datentyp dar, der sich aus einer Sammlung von Schlüssel-Werte-Paaren zusammensetzt. Das ist genau das, was im Moment in der Kulturszene geschehen muss: Wir verändern systematisch und methodisch Konzepte, vermischen Online- und Offline-Leben und versuchen, eine optimale Lösung für Veranstaltungen und Kulturgenuss für alle Beteiligten anzubieten. Wir präsentieren interaktive Kunst, Musik & Design – für Besucher und Online-Gäste mit Künstler*innen vor Ort und in aller Welt. Dieses Projekt erhält Landeszuwendungen.

# Map & Fold Festival 22 21-24.04.2022

Unfortunately we have to postpone the festival again until April 2022. Tickets will be refunded automatically. We are very sorry and hope to see you next year or at one of the satellites!

We are back, this time for several days. Our festival starts this year already on Thursday evening with a Meet&Greet as well as performances by Thomas Maos with Fried Dähn and Kasumi. Followed by a spatial sound performance by Henry Brandstetter and Laura Mingo Pérez.

On Fridays and Saturdays, the new Shedhalle opens its doors for 2 installations by Luis Miehlich and Josef Häusel. No tickets are necessary for this part of the festival. From 20:00 the concerts and performances start in the Schlachthaus.

preliminary program:


Zacharias Fasshauer (Double Bass) & Jaume Darbra Fa (Flute)

Michael Hollingshead (Guitar) & Tihomir Zdjelarević (Modular)

Ari Dykier (AV Performance)

Michael Fiedler (Electronics) & Ludger Lamers (Dance)

Geargrind (Electronics) & Tschänz (Video)

And afterwards, wonderful sounds from Lisbird all night long!


Jaume Darba Fa (Flute & Electronics)

Jaap Blonk (Voice, Electronics & Visuals)

Batchass (Electronics, Bass, Voice, Visuals)

Nuno Mika (AV Performance)

BernsteinZimmer (Electronics) & Eric Medine (Video)

Laima Adelaide (Electronics) Maris Prieditis (Video)

Followed by DJs.


You can buy tickets via Eventbrite.

More Informations

Kasumi an artist who works in a broad range of media: directing and producing short and feature length experimental films, live shows, VJ and public art production, creating looping electronic sculptures, designing motion graphics and animated gifs, producing immersive 360 virtual reality pieces and making fine art pieces and wearable art through glitch, data moshing, and silk screen painting.  She has created works for the Cleveland Museum of Art, EMPAC (Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center), Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires, Württembergischen Kunstverein, Stuttgart; and her work also was featured at Art Miami, unpainted Media Art Fair, Munich, Museum of Contemporary Art, Krakow, Contemporary Museum Wroclaw, Itau Cultural Center, Sao Paulo, The Butler Institute of American Art, The Museum of Fine Art, Houston, Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janeiro, San Diego Museum of Art, Chroma Festival de Arte Audiovisual, Mexico, and many others. 

Zacharias Fasshauer (Double Bass) & Jaume Darbra Fa (Flute)

Faßhauer studied Double Bass with Prof. Detmar Kurig in Düsseldorf and Trossingen, where he obtained a Bachelor’s as well as a Master’s Degree for New Music. 2021 he was academist at the International Ensemble Modern Academy. Faßhauer took part in master classes such as the Darmstadt Summer Courses for New Music, the IEMA Klangspuren or the Impuls Festival Graz, where he studied among others with Uli Fussenegger and Dario Calderone. Furthermore Faßhauer has given concerts as a soloist and as part of many different ensembles at festivals such as the Donaueschinger Tage für Neue Musik, Spring Festival The Hague, or Klangzeit Festival Münster, 180 degrees Sofia. Faßhauer also appears with his own works, his pieces often concentrate on the interconnections between different media.


Michael Hollingshead (Guitar) & Tihomir Zdjelarević (Modular) aka Strasse 614

Straße 614 is a collaborative sound initiative started in spring 2021 by Tihomir and Michael. Tihomir Zdjelarević is a Berlin based musician. He works with modular synthesizer, bass guitar, four track tape machine, and hardware effects to create large soundscapes with a cosmic vibe. Influenced by the 60s & 70s psychedelic music, especially Krautrock and Berlin school of electronic music, he sent himself on a journey to resurrect the sounds into an another authentic experience. Michael (Satellite Socialite) is an ambient experimentalist that channels his roots in the reverb drenched garage and surf rock California west-coast soundscapes of his youth, combined with lush cycles of deteriorating cassette loops.


Ari Dykier (AV Performance)

…is visual artist based in Poland. He attended Camerimage Film School and most of his career works as filmmaker.With passion for animated works he focused himself on creating animated visuals . His works refers to tradition of surreal animation and wide range of art genres. Through the visuals made from vintage illustrations he attempts to recreate experience of dream and oneiric reality taking inspiration from childhood fairytales, movies, paintings, books or music.


Michael Fiedler (Electronics) & Ludger Lamers (Dance)

LUDGER LAMERS, arbeitet seit 1987 als Tänzer, Choreograph und Lehrer für Bewegungssprachen und Darstellende Kunstformen im In- und Ausland. Neben der Entwicklung von Soloarbeiten und eigener Projekte unterrichtet Ludger Lamers zeitgenössische Tanztechnik, Improvisation und Partnering an verschiedenen Institutionen in Europa, bisweilen auch in USA und Asien.

MICHAEL FIEDLER, arbeitet in Stuttgart als freier Musiker und Produzent. Der Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf experimentell-elektronischer Musik und Klangforschung. Fiedler bedient sich verschiedener Improvisationstechniken mit digitalen und analogen Instrumenten und Effektgeräten. Oftmals fließen sogenannte Field Recordings ein, welche dem Klangbild zu einem markanten Sound verhelfen.


Geargrind (Electronics) & Tschänz (Video) aka einer & ein Anderer

„einer & ein Anderer“ is an audio-visual duo that creates immersive, danceable live performances. They have special focus on showing the audience how music emerges from an idea to a melody to a full-fledged rhythmic experience that carries you away. Geargrind extemporises electronic music, live, with only little preparation before each show, which makes every performance unique. No software is involved in any of his shows. Instead, he uses digital and analog instruments to create a sound that oscillates between spheric-synthetic ambient sounds and hard acid trance. Tschänz studied Media Informatics with strong focus on Visual Computing and Computer Graphics. He focuses on visually appealing content generation driven by real-time audio-reactive projections.


Jaume Darbra Fa (Flute & Electronics)

JAUME DARBRA is a multidisciplinary & independent artist based in Frankfurt, working at the juncture of sound & visual. He combines visual art, music composition and physical approach of sound art by performing in advanced programmed installations and audio/visual live compositions. As a freelance flutist and electroacoustic performer, Jaume is active internationally in the field of contemporary music, sound art and visual arts. Engagements have taken him to all over Europe and Asia, performing in the most important venues, festivals and institutions such as, WienModern, November Music, Snape Maltings, IRCAM, STEIM, Musikfest Berlin, Festival ManiFeste, Lucerne Festival, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Festival Mixtur.


Jaap Blonk (Voice & Electronics)

JAAP BLONK is a Dutch avant-garde composer and performance artist. Blonk is primarily self-taught both as a sound artist and as a visual/stage performer. He studied physics, mathematics, and musicology for a time, but did not complete his studies. One of his early influences was Kurt Schwitters, whose Ursonate he first heard in 1979; he memorized the entire work, and it became one of the cornerstones of his repertory; he has recited portions of the piece hundreds of times in various public places. His compositions and performances are examples of sound poetry, making use of words and phonetic snippets as well as clicks, hisses, and other vocal manipulations. He works as a solo performer, in collaboration with avant-garde musicians such as John Tchicai, Tristan Honsiger, and Mats Gustafsson, and with his own ensembles Splinks and BRAAXTAAL. His live performances involve humor and improvisation, and are occasionally received poorly by audiences, as when he was booked as an opener for punk rock band The Stranglers early in the 1980s.


Batchass (Electronics, Bass, Voice, Visuals)

Combination of visuals and original music. Animation of photos, original drawings, shader live-coding.
Musical creation with machines, bass, worked and improvised voices, on an electro-drum & bass background


Nuno Mika (AV Performance)

Nuno Mika, is a Portuguese artist who after studying electromechanics, music, and architecture, began to develop light and sound installations. His immersive, dreamlike environments are designed to envelop the viewer.


BernsteinZimmer (Electronics) & Eric Medine (Video)

Hinter BernsteinZimmer verbirgt sich Benjamin Geyer, studierter Jazz-Pianist lebend und arbeitend in Berlin. Als Bandleader der Band Flying Cakes und Sideman verschiedenster Gruppen mit elektronischen, improvisierenden Einflüssen (Flora Sophi, Mononoke, Dominique Vleeshouwers Playground, Olympic Orchestra, Holly Schlott u.a.) sammelte er kompositorische, konzertierende und Arrangement-Erfahrungen in verschiedensten Genres. Konzerte und Kooperationen fanden u.a. mit Laure Boer (Amplify), Dominique Vleeshouwers, Fitz Gallery oder auch Instandsetzung VS statt. BernsteinZimmers Musik kann als teilweise wild und treibend, verwirrend, mysteriös, aber auch direkt und kompromisslos beschrieben werden. Eine Mischung, die als experimenteller dark Techno definiert werden kann.

Eric Medine is a multimedia artist based in Berlin. He has shown work in galleries and museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions), xm:lab and the KuustlerHaus in Germany, the Chicago Motion Graphics Festival, Fête de la Lumière in France, and the LPM festival in Rome and Mexico City. As a VJ and live visuals engineer he’s worked with performers such as Major Lazer, Meat Beat Manifesto, the Orb, Infected Mushroom, Excision, Wet Mango, Trash 80, Dan Wilcox, MegaRan, and Grammatik. Most recently he won 1st place at the Video Mapping Competition at the LPM festival in Italy.

Homepage Benjamin Geyer Homepage Eric Medine

Laima Adelaide (Electronics) Maris Prieditis (Video)

Laima Adelaide is an electronic music producer and composer. She studies composition at the HMDK Stuttgart and before that completed a sound engineering degree at JVLMA in Riga. In her music she works with synthetic sounds, noise and loops to create slowly transforming soundscapes exploring a path between deep techno and modern sound design. Maris Prieditis studies philosophy and art history at the University of Tübingen and is an artist with his current focus on photography. In his works he is interested in philosophical theories, the specificity and the possibility of digital photography, for example AI object recognition, layering and manipulation of the RAW data. The thoughts about relations and interdependence of environments, systems and actors form the main area of his exploration.



Shedhalle & Schlachthaus Tübingen, Schlachthausstr. 9. The Shedhalle is located in the inner courtyard. Maps.

# 171819 Festival – 17-19.8.21

Dienstag/Mittwoch/Donnerstag im KULTUR KIOSK

Flyer of Map&Fold x Kultur Kiosk

Kultur Kiosk x Map&Fold proudly present:Experimental and Ambient Music live und Vorort:

— Dienstag —
19:00 Carsten Netz
20:00 Laima Adelaide 

— Mittwoch —
19:00 Jaume Darbra Fa
20:00 Michael Fiedler

— Donnerstag —
19:00 Günter Schlienz
20:00 Timo Dufner

— mehr —

— Carsten Netz
Der Stuttgarter Musiker Carsten Netz erforscht für seine Solo-Ambient-
Performance die klangtiefen seiner Holzblasinstrumente. Dabei konzentriert sich der Künstler auf den feinen Kosmos langjährig erprobter Werkzeuge:
Saxophon, Klarinette und Querflöte. Das Repertoire und Spektrum wird vom Ansatz der Luft bis hin zu obertonreichen Frequenzen mit elektronischer Hilfe verfeinert und geschichtet.

— Laima Adelaide 
Laima Adelaide studiert Komposition an der HMDK Stuttgart und beschäftigt sich mit Deep Techno und dessen verschiedenste Facetten. In ihrer Musik arbeitet sie mit synthetischen Klangflächen, Loops und Noise. So entstehen verflochtene Klanglandschaften welche sich durch langsame Veränderungen bewegen. 

— Jaume Darbra Fa
Jaume Darbra is a multidisciplinary & independent artist based in Frankfurt, working at the juncture of sound & visual. He combines visual art, music composition and physical approach of sound art by performing in advanced programmed installations and audio/visual live compositions.  
As a freelance flutist and electroacoustic performer, Jaume is active internationally in the field of contemporary music, sound art and visual arts. 

— Michael Fiedler
Michael Fiedler arbeitet mit Tönen, Klängen und Geräuschen, die unmittelbar vor und während der Performance eingefangen, als musikalisches Ausgangsmaterial live modifiziert und im komplett neuen Kontext direkt hörbar gemacht werden. Die Musik ist immer prozesshaft und entwickelt sich immer wieder neu. Es enstehen abstrakte Soundgebilde, eigenwillige Signale und unberechenbare Beats.

— Günter Schlienz
Bekannt als Mitglied der Stuttgarter Drone/Ambient Formation NAVEL und als Betreiber des Cosmic Winnetou Kassettenlabels tritt solo auf.
Analog/Ambient/Minimal/Synthie/ Sequenzer- und Tapemanipulationen. 

— Timo Dufner ist Musiker und Visual Artist und arbeitet im Bereich Medien- und Informationstechnologie. Er performt als VJ, mit audiovisuellen Live Acts und ist außerdem an der Produktion elektronischer Musik in verschiedenen Teams beteiligt. Schwerpunkt seiner Arbeit ist die Ausnutzung von Softwarefehlern, sogenannten ‚Glitches‘, Echtzeitverarbeitung, Live Coding, maschinelles Lernen, sowie die direkte Interaktion von Ton und Bild.

Der Eintritt ist frei.

Kultur Kiosk // Lazarettstraße 5 // 70182 Stuttgart

# concert #7, 21.07.2021

## Artists
Sonja Schmid (Cello) spielt Bach & Sarah Nemtsov.
Jaume Darbra (Flöte) spielt Edgar Varèse, Dai Fujikura, Brian Ferneyhough, Hildur Gudnadottir, Maija Hynninen, Nahuel Litwin.
Herb & Michael Fiedler (electronics) Improvisationen.

## Mehr?
# Sonja Schmid
Sonja Lena Schmid, in Tübingen geboren, ist als Cellistin und Performerin international tätig und wurde vielfach ausgezeichnet, darunter mit einem Echo Klassik der Kategorie „Klassik ohne Grenzen“.
Sonja Lena Schmid studierte Cello und Kammermusik in Hamburg, Lübeck, Amsterdam und Den Haag. Sie ist sowohl mit der klassischen (Kammer-)musik als auch den neuesten Strömungen aktueller Musik vertraut. Als Solistin und Kammermusikerin hat sie mehr als 60 Werke uraufgeführt. Der Fokus liegt dabei auf der engen Zusammenarbeit mit den Komponist*innen und auf Stücken mit besonderen physischen, performativen oder auch stimmlichen Anforderungen, meist an der Schnittstelle zu Elektronik und Multimedia. 
Mit dem Decoder Ensemble gastiert sie bei den wichtigsten internationalen Festivals für aktuelle Musik und gestaltet seit der Saison 2017/2018 jährlich 3 Abende der Konzertreihe „Unterdeck“ in der Hamburger Elbphilharmonie. 
Sonja Lena Schmid brennt für interdisziplinäre Projekte und wirkte in verschiedenen internationalen Musiktheaterproduktionen und Performances mit. 
2008-2019 war sie Mitglied des Quartetts Salut Salon. 2019 wurde sie auf eine Professur für Ensemble und digitale Performance an das Landeszentrum Musik-Design-Performance der Staatlichen Hochschule für Musik Trossingen berufen. Sie lebt in Hamburg und spielt ein 2018 für sie gebautes Cello von Anneke Degen.

# Jaume Darbra
Jaume Darbra ist ein multidisziplinärer und unabhängiger Künstler, der in Frankfurt am Main lebt und an der Schnittstelle von Ton und Bild arbeitet. Er kombiniert visuelle Kunst, Musikkomposition und den physischen Ansatz der Klangkunst, indem er in fortgeschrittenen programmierten Installationen und audiovisuellen Live-Kompositionen auftritt.
Als freischaffender Flötist und elektroakustischer Performer ist Jaume international im Bereich der zeitgenössischen Musik, Klangkunst und visuellen Kunst tätig. Engagements führten ihn durch ganz Europa und Asien.

# herb und Michael Fiedler betreten erstmalig im Rahmen der Map&Fold Reihe gemeinsam die Bühne – mit dabei eine Kollektion elektronischer Musikinstrumente.
Der Plan: 
Fiedler reagiert mit minimalistisch-dichten Rhythmen aus Fieldrecordings und Störgeräuschen auf cineastisch-sphärische Klanggebilde aus herbs Modularbox.

Doors: 19:30 / Konzert: 20:15

Schlachthaus // Schlachthausstraße 9 // 72074 Tübingen

Tickets via Eventbrite

# concerts #6, 20.05.2021

# Artists

das Shining
Eric Medine

## Dähn/Maos
The two musicians have just released a solo album each. Now they are back in the studio working on a duo album. Electric cello and electric guitar, lots of effects, loops and grooves.
They are going to present brand new tracks and experimental collages.

## das Shining
das Shining collective is a group of interdisciplinary media and computer experts who studied media informatics together in Tübingen before expanding their expertise in other academic fields. The group is always looking for new opportunities to let its creativity run free in a challenging way.

## Kitz
KITZ uses a deceptively simple combination of gritty electronic sounds and vintage- sounding synth lines paired with haunting vocal melodies to create an evocative journey through light and dark. 
Kitz (Anna Illenberger)has made herself a name in recent years as a vocalist in the experimental pop field in Stuttgart,Germany.
KiTZ acts within a musical genre that is constantly reinventing itself, innovating, and mixing spaces with other types of arts, its search has become an exploration, it likes to develop spaces around each song, something that leaves as a result what she calls an „organic vibration“.
With KiTZ, Anna Illenberger plays a one woman show. Rhythms, samples and bass that she triggers live to an „organic electronic experience“. She likes to keep things minimal and turns her voice to the center of attention in this project, singing songs about self-empowerment, courage, authenticity and expressing „difficult“ moments such as self-doubt or fear.

## Eric Medine
is an artist and curator that builds interactive video installations designed to turn everyday activities into mysterious quests. He has shown work in galleries and museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions), xm:lab, KunstlerHaus, and the Generate festival in Germany, the Chicago Motion Graphics Festival, Fête de la Lumière in France, and the LPM festival in Rome and Mexico City.
As a VJ and live visuals engineer he’s worked with a large range of different performers.

# World Drone Day, 29.05.2021

Every year we make a noise together that stretches around the world.
Saturday May 29, 2021

# What Is Drone Day?

An annual celebration of drone, community, and experimental sounds!# Why Do We Drone?
To awaken tiny vibrations in our skin and between all our bones.We stream 24h drone. Endless modular sessions form the basis. Various performances are interspersed. If the Corona situation allows, visitors can attend the installations and concerts.

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