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# Map&Fold Clubnight! 25.05.2024 22:00

Join us on May 25th, 2024 at 22:00 as the Map&Fold Festival returns for another exciting edition. Just like in previous years, the evening will kick off with a range of diverse performances before transitioning into our club party. From concerts to experimental audio and video works, and even live techno, we will offer a unique range of artistic expressions throughout the night. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in a variety of captivating performances and let the Map&Fold Festival take you on a journey of artistic exploration. Get your Ticket soon! If there are any tickets left, they will be sold at the door.

# Workshop

VJing with Resolume 14:00-18:00 with Tschänz.

# Artists

An On Bast (live)

Maladaptive daydreams (live)

El lobo digital (live)


more to come!

Support-Tanztee-Rave with: timodufner & Mattou (DJs)

## An On Bast

Fascinated by the endless possibilities of sound, Polish live performer and producer An On Bast continues her musical quest from 2006 – an abiding evolution of genre melding development, never ceasing to amaze her audience as she manoeuvres between shades of techno, house, ambient and beyond. An artist of the truest form, always aiming to paint a colourful image with her output, structured around a key theme of joy and positive energy every time she plays or creates. 

Anna’s fascination with music and deep desire to push herself to new heights has seen her work land on accomplished labels such as Carl Cox’s Awesome Soundwave – after a long lasting love affair with the label, 2021 saw her release her “I Create As I Speak” album which was welcomed with open arms around the globe. She has also landed her established sound on other prolific labels such as Modularfield, Detroit Underground, Pets Recordings, Kiosk ID and more. Alongside this Anna’s own Ghost Kitchen label has become a safe haven for her own productions, a liberating space giving her total freedom of what she can release, no strains involved meaning everything you hear is pure from the core. Anna released 9 albums and many Eps.

## El lobo Digital

With his unmistakable style, El Lobo Digital’s live set creates an atmosphere that
that transports the audience into a dystopian world of energy and suspense,
a dark and fascinating fusion of techno and noir aesthetics.

## timodufner

Timo Dufner takes the audience on a techno-rave-acid-electro journey. Minimalist and pathetic. Break beat meets four on the floor. Whether as a DJ or as a hybrid live set, he will take you with him into a tunnel somewhere between the nineties and the year 2049.

## Tschänz

Jens Schindel finished his master’s degree in media informatics in 2019 and worked as a VJ at Schlachthaus Tübingen for 7 years. He now works as a software developer at Resolume HQ in The Hague (NL) and is a digital artist & VJ. He is part of Das Shining and has participated in various international events alongside renowned artists.

## maladaptive daydreams

The Duo “maladaptive daydreams” (Anna Illenberger und Nadja Weber) blend elements of dreamy, immersive textures with darker, melancholic undertones.they play with surreal melodies, hazy atmospheres, and perhaps a sense of escapism intertwined with a hint of unease.