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# concerts #6, 20.05.2021

# Artists

Nadja Weber
das Shining

# Nadja Weber
Nadja is at home in different genres. In the Krautpop band ‚Zirkel‘ she mostly plays guitar, and in the performance collective ‚Die Argonautinnen‘ she is responsible for live soundscapes made of guitar, effects and synth. 
At the moment, she also prefers to play solo in the ambient-noise genre.## das Shining
das Shining collective is a group of interdisciplinary media and computer experts who studied media informatics together in Tübingen before expanding their expertise in other academic fields. The group is always looking for new opportunities to let its creativity run free in a challenging way.

## Kitz
KITZ uses a deceptively simple combination of gritty electronic sounds and vintage- sounding synth lines paired with haunting vocal melodies to create an evocative journey through light and dark. 
Kitz (Anna Illenberger)has made herself a name in recent years as a vocalist in the experimental pop field in Stuttgart,Germany.
KiTZ acts within a musical genre that is constantly reinventing itself, innovating, and mixing spaces with other types of arts, its search has become an exploration, it likes to develop spaces around each song, something that leaves as a result what she calls an „organic vibration“.
With KiTZ, Anna Illenberger plays a one woman show. Rhythms, samples and bass that she triggers live to an „organic electronic experience“. She likes to keep things minimal and turns her voice to the center of attention in this project, singing songs about self-empowerment, courage, authenticity and expressing „difficult“ moments such as self-doubt or fear.